Working at Patinter

The best companies are made up of the best people. Believing in this, Patinter searches the market for committed professionals with ambition and determination to achieve their personal and professional goals. We focus on valuing people, producing the best results, a differentiated service and excellence in the services provided to our customers.
85.8 % of our employees assert in the internal motivation and satisfaction survey (2020), that they felt very pleased to be working in Patinter
8090,5 hours of training divided by 40 training courses (in 2020)
International team
15 Nationalities 1200 Employees
The personal development of our human resources is critical to us.

We encourage the frequent dialogue between our employees and managers, the continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We offer our employees a diversified internal training program, courses, workshops, post external graduations, mentoring programs and coaching, as well as opportunities to develop skills through challenges in the workplace.


We encourage all our employees to improve and maximize their capabilities.


The Patinter Drivers Academy is an internal training center, focused on the training of employees with tasks related to the areas of traffic and logistics, from drivers to traffic operators, everyone should know the culture of traffic and the main organizational aspects of Patinter Group.

Internal courses of Patinter Drivers Academy:

›Eco Driving;

›Road safety;

›Interpersonal relationship;


›Quality and Safety;

›Social regulation of Road Transport ( Driving time regime);

›Economic and defensive driving - (Practical training on road);

›Cargo handling and documentation;


Patinter is committed to providing an exceptional integration experience for employees of different nationalities. We understand that migrating to a new country and working environment can be challenging, which is why we have created a dedicated team to ensure that everyone feels at home from day one.

Our approach is truly comprehensive and fundamental to the well-being of our new employees. We offer a personalised, multilingual service that goes beyond simple formalities. Patinter's multicultural support team provides a variety of essential services, including:

 Professional Insertion and Qualification: Our experts are ready to guide our foreign employees on their career path, helping them adapt to the work environment and develop their skills.

  Immigration and International Protection: We understand the complexities of immigration and the associated legal processes. We offer legal assistance to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

  Social Affairs and Inclusion: We believe in the importance of social inclusion. Our team is available to help our foreign employees integrate into the local community and deal with any social issues that may arise.

Our commitment to supporting integration begins as soon as an employee is hired and continues throughout their stay at the company.

At Patinter, we offer an in-house Health Service dedicated to meeting the needs of our employees, with the conviction that caring for people is a daily mission that we value deeply.

The Patinter Health Service is made up of a highly qualified team, including doctors, nurses, health technicians, physiotherapists and administrative staff. They all have the necessary training to provide quality care to all those who are part of our Patinter family. Our aim is to ensure that all employees have access to healthcare, regardless of their role and place of work.

To make this care accessible and convenient, we offer personalised support, available both remotely - via the helpline (00351) 967090040 - and in person, from Monday to Friday, at our headquarters in Mangualde.  

The Patinter Health Service plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing well-being and safety. Through it we aim to be a support for health queries, but also to assess, advise and make appropriate referrals for employees' health needs, guaranteeing the right care.
Our success is the result of high level of capacity, dedication and team spirit of our employees!
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